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Packaging Products


A2Z offers a full range of BoPET films from 6 Mic to 350 Mic, Which Includes Clear, Metallized, Various Treatment options, Opaque White, Matte For Converting, Printing, Labels, Electric Insulation & Other applications


A2Z offers a Wide range of BOPP films from 8 mic to 70 Mic, Which Includes Transaparent Heat Sealable & non-Heat Sealable, Solid WHite Film, White Cavitated films and Metallized BOPP Films

CPP Films    

A2Z Offers a Wide range of CPP films from 12 Mic to 60 Mic, Which includes Transparent, Metallized, Holographed films for various packaging application. 

BOPA Films

A2Z Offers a Wide range of BOPA & CPA films from 12 mic to 38 mic Including Clear & Metallized films for Various Food grade, Ballon Manufacturing applications

Co-Ex Films

A2Z Offers a Wide range of Co-Extruded film with various Sandwich options of EVOH layes, Nylon Layers, 3 to 7 layers of PE films with various COmbination based on customer requirements.

Aluminium Foils

A2Z Offers a Wide range of Al Foils from 5 Mic to 300 Mic, in various Alloy of 12XX, 8XXX,  6XXX, 7XXX, 3XXX. 

Laminated Films

A2Z Offers Laminated products in both Clear and Printed versions. Our Products ranges from 2 Layes to 7 Layers products